Hazari (হাজারী) – 1000 Points Card Game

Hazari (হাজারী) – 1000 Points Card Game

3.2 for Android

Description of Hazari (হাজারী) - 1000 Points Card Game

Full NameHazari (হাজারী) - 1000 Points Card Game
Nhà phát triển
Thể loạiCard, Games
Kích thước10.6 MB
Lượt cài đặt1,000,000+
Phiên bản3.2
Yêu cầuAndroid 5.0+
Cập nhật2020-02-17

Hazari (হাজারী) – 1000 Points Card Game

Game bài đổi thẻ cào Hazari (হাজারী) – 1000 Points Card Game nằm trong danh mục Card

Giới thiệu Hazari (হাজারী) – 1000 Points Card Game

1.User and CPU players
2.Fits in all phones and tablets
3.Supports all screen sizes
4.Suitable for all level games players
5.Simple UI Design
6.Very fun and easy to play
7.Great option for time pass
8.Best logical CPU players
About of the Hazari game:

1. This is a 4 (four) players card game with standard 52-card deck.
2. Every player get 13 cards each making 52 cards total .
3. Players get a time to arrange their cards in order from higher to the lower.
4. When a player finishes his ordering or arranging his cards from Higher to Lower he Calls up.
5. When the four players are UP the first one from the right of the Dealer who dealt the cards starts to throw the card.
6. The higher card Value wins or takes all the cards and throws again the next three cards in power order.
7. After all the cards are thrown on and taken by the winning players they are then counted, who got how much.
8. Cards ranging from ACE (A) to 10 (ten) all are 10 points and cards from 9 to 2 all are 5 (five) points.
9. That includes A,K,Q,J,10 all are 10 points worth and 9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2 all are 5 points.
10. The winner is the one who has collected 1000 points all together after playing many games.
11. If a player 1 throws a card and the card is thrown same  by another player the second bits the first.
for example if player 1 throws AKQ of HEARTS and the second player throws 678 of SPADE and the  third player throws AKQ of DIAMONDS and the fourth player throws 55J of Hearts. the winner is AKQ the third player. who takes all those cards for himself.
12. Rules of Higher order to lower order to win
* TROY- any three same card AAA, KKK, QQQ, JJJ, 10-10-10,……..222
* COLOR RUN – any three cards of same group and in order,
           AKQ of  SPADE or DIAMONDS or HEARTS or CLUBS
           A23 of  SPADE or DIAMONDS or HEARTS or CLUBS
           KQJ of  SPADE or DIAMONDS or HEARTS or CLUBS
           QJ10 of  SPADE or DIAMONDS or HEARTS or CLUBS…………..
            ……..432 of  SPADE or DIAMONDS or HEARTS or CLUBS
* RUN – any same card of same number
        AKQ of any group or mix but in order of  SPADE or DIAMONDS or HEARTS or CLUBS
        A23 of  any SPADE or DIAMONDS or HEARTS or CLUBS
        KQJ of  any SPADE or DIAMONDS or HEARTS or CLUBS……..
        ……. 432 of  any SPADE or DIAMONDS or HEARTS or CLUBS
* COLOR – any card but of same group can be randomly any thing.
KQ2 of Hearts or 589 of Spade. but their highest value card depends on cards that the player makes. color can be consisted of any thing for comparing
player A has K83 of SPADES
player B has 639 of HEARTS
player B has Q99 of DIAMONDS
player D has K92 of SPADES
the winner is D because he has K92 which is bigger than K83
* PAIR- any pair with of cards from any group 443, 99J, QQ6 these are pairs but bigger pair is again AAK and smallest is 223
* INDI or INDIVIDUALS – any cards with not belonging to same group or color or arranged.
Like 5(hearts) 7(spades) 9(diamonds) they make up nothing just the highest card is 9.
Like wise K (hearts) 3(hearts) J (clubs) they highest card being K.
How to play:
First a player arranges 13 cards like this 3 , 3 , 3 and 4
1.One player throws first 3 cards then the rest of the players throw their 3 cards being their higher value.
2.Then the winner takes those cards and throws his second highest card and again the same the winner takes all those cards if he has the highest value.
3.Then again the player throws his 3 cards and the same the winner takes it.
4.Then left is 4 cards those are then thrown by the winner who won the third time and rest throw and again the highest value card wins it all

♦♦♦ Permissions requested and how they are used ♦♦♦
• android.permission.INTERNET: This permission is used to allow ad networks that advertise within the app.
android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE: This permission is used primarily to check for a network connection before attempting to show advertise within the app.
1.Online multiplayer improved.
2.Facebook and Guest login added.
3.Online player searching improved.
4.Private table multiplayer improved.
5.Chat(Text & Emoji) feature added.
6.UI and Animation improved.
7.Bug fixed.
8.Disconnection issue solved.
9.Online Game Length increased to 1000.

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